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What Is a Mineral Lease?

19 September 2019

Most mineral owners do not develop their mineral rights themselves. Instead, they “lease” the mineral right to oil and gas operators (sometimes called exploration and production…

Mineral Rights 101

01 August 2019

Mineral rights, in a nutshell, are the rights to oil and gas beneath the surface. They can be subdivided, delegated, or even sold entirely. And whoever owns them has the right t…

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What is a “good” oil and gas lease royalty?

15 November 2019

Many owners wonder what’s a “good” oil and gas lease royalty is. It depends on several factors, but in general you should be able to lease your oil and gas mineral rights for be…

Buyer Tactics: Fraudulent Leases

10 October 2019

A few years ago, a new tactic popped up as a way to get unsuspecting sellers to part with their minerals: oil and gas “leases” that were actually royalty deeds.

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Why Pick on Hess?

04 October 2019

The Journal recently published an analysis of shale wells, suggesting among other things that production is declining due to wells “being drilled too close to one another” and “…