Resources For Owners

What is a “good” oil and gas lease royalty?

15 November 2019

Many owners wonder what’s a “good” oil and gas lease royalty is. It depends on several factors, but in general you should be able to lease your oil and gas mineral rights for be…

Buyer Tactics: Fraudulent Leases

10 October 2019

A few years ago, a new tactic popped up as a way to get unsuspecting sellers to part with their minerals: oil and gas “leases” that were actually royalty deeds.

Buyer Tactics: Offers for Minerals You Don’t Own

03 October 2019

Here’s the truth: if one company wants to buy your minerals, there’s a very good chance other companies do as well. But many companies don’t want you shopping around or comparin…

Buyer Tactics: Bank Drafts

24 September 2019

If you own minerals, chances are you’ve received a bank draft. It’s usually attached to the bottom of a letter and looks like a check. But it’s actually a contract. When you dep…

Understanding Royalty Checks

20 August 2019

Understanding royalty checks from an operator can be a nightmare for many oil and gas owners. A good understanding of these checks is key to comprehending the risks and expectat…

Buyer Tactics: No-Cash Flipping

20 August 2019

Many mineral companies don’t have their own funds, but instead act as “brokers” that flip your minerals to another buyer.

How Should I Evaluate Selling My Mineral Rights?

02 August 2019

We can’t advise you on your financial decisions, but we do know one thing: In general, if someone wants to buy your minerals, it’s because they think they can make a profit. So …

Tax Forms All Mineral Owners Should Know About

17 July 2019

When it comes to owning mineral rights, you could stand to make a lot of money if you choose to lease or sell those rights. However, additional income also means additional taxe…

How to Use Oil & Gas Royalty Calculators

01 June 2019

If you lease your mineral rights, your contract with the drilling company will undoubtedly contain a royalty clause in which you are promised a certain percentage of the revenue…