Royalty Check Stubs Explained in Detail

Royalty Checks can be difficult to understand.  For your convenience, we've compiled explanations from the major Oil and Gas companies in the area on their specific checks.

Chesapeake -logo -royalty -check -stub -explanation -sell -mineral -rightsChesapeake Energy is one of the top Oil and Gas companies in the United States.  They are active in many of the natural gas shale plays, and were one of the top leasers and producers when the shale boom was kicked off in the Barnett.  Chesapeake is currently active in the Haynesville, Bossier, Marcellus and Barnett shales where they produce natural gas.  They are also active in many un-conventional "liquid" plays including the Eagle Ford Shale, Permian Basin, and Anadarko Basin. 

Chk -owners -checkstub -700x 900

Explanation of Numbered Items Above

  1. The month and year the production was sold.
  2. The product for which payment is being made.
    1. OIL
    2. GAS
    3. LIQUIDS
    4. NGLS
  3. The price per unit of measurement (e.g. mcf or barrel)
  4. The type of ownership interest for a property reflected in our system:
    1. Working Interest
    2. Royalty
    3. Overriding Royalty
    4. Production Payment
    5. Regulatory
    6. Proportionate Royalty Share
    7. Excess Royalty
  5. The internal identifier used by Chesapeake to allocate payment.
  6. The volume of a product (mcf or barrels) sold from a property.
  7. The value of tax obligations for a property such as severance, conservation, petroleum excise and other production related taxes
  8. Deduction from price for fees or other charges identified by abbreviation and corresponding description in the deduct code box located at the bottom of the statement
  9. Price × Volume - Tax - Deduct = Net Value
  10. A decimal used to reflect your proportionate share of production from a property. The payment decimal can differ from your DOI decimal. If there are multiple working interest owners in a property, your payment decimal may be adjusted to reflect your proportionate share of the volumes the lease received for that month.
  11. Your proportionate ownership share of the volume produced or sold from a property 
    (Lease Volume × Payment Decimal)
  12. Your proportionate ownership share 
    (Payment Decimal) × Lease Volume × Price
  13. Your proportionate ownership share 
    (Payment Decimal) of Lease Tax
  14. Your proportionate ownership share 
    (Payment Decimal) of Lease Deduct
  15. Owner Gross Value - Owner Gross Tax - Owner Deduct = Net
  16. The term "BTU" is used to describe the heat value (energy content) of fuels. Specifically, it is a measure of heat energy equivalent to the amount of heat needed to raise one pound of water one degree fahrenheit (F°) at or near its point of maximum density (39.1°).
  17. This line states the Chesapeake property identification number and name for a property. It also includes the property's state, county and legal descriptions.
  18. This number uniquely identifies your account with Chesapeake.



Devon Energy

Devon -Energy -royalty -mineral -rights -check -stub

Explanation of Numbered Items Above

  1. Sum of Net Amount for Oil
  2. Sum of Net Amount for Specific Property
  3. Tax Code
  4. Tax Amount from Owner Net
  5. Tax Deducted from Gross
  6. "British Thermal Unit (Measure of the heat value of gas)
  7. Owner Decimal Interest
  8. WPT
  9. Deduction Code
  10. Deduction amount from owner
  11. Sum of Net Amount for all Properties
  12. Net Value of Owner, after Taxes and Deductions
  13. Gross Value of owner net
  14. Type of Interest
  15. Net Volume - Owner's net interest
  16. Gross Value After Tax and Deductions
  17. Deduction amount from gross
  18. Total Value - Volume x Unit Price
  19. Unit Price per Barrel or MCF
  20. Quantity of product transacted in Barrels or MCF
  21. Type of Product
  22. Product transaction date: Month Year
  23. Property Number and Name
  24. State and County
  25. Property Location Description


Petrohawk Royalty Check Stub

Petrohawk -check -stub

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