About Selling Mineral Rights

Oil and natural gas mineral rights can be very valuable, but risky investments.  As a mineral owner, it is really important to understand what you have, it's value and it's role as an investment in your portfolio.  Minerals are simply an investment, and if you can remove any emotional attachment or pre-conceived notion about your minerals, you'll be able to take control of your minerals rather than putting yourself at the mercy of unknown and uncontrollable factors.

Why you should work with Caddo

We are honest.  We work fast and can close within a few weeks.  We spend time to educate you and want to help you in any way we can - even if that means a deal doesn't close.

Our Process

Step1Contact Caddo for a FREE evaluation of your mineral rights or royalty interest.  You can call us Toll Free at - 877-620-7717.  You can also fill out the form to your right or send us an email at info@caddominerals.com.  We really look forward to talking with you and discussing your property.

Step2After speaking with you, or reviewing your property submission, we'll give you a call or email with a FREE quote within a few business days.  We'll based our quote on any and all information you've given us, as well as public information on your property.  We also give you more detailed statistics and information your property all at NO COST! 

Step3Accept our offer and we'll close within one to two weeks!  We'll overnight you the agreements, and we'll send you a cashiers check or wire money directly into your bank account.  We NEVER use bank drafts!


Selling Mineral Rights - How to Decide?

Selling your mineral rights (or not selling) is a decision that thousands of landowners face each year.  Unfortunately, landowners have been told for years by their ancestors to never sell their minerals or royalty interest.  While this may have been wise in years past, today there is a good, efficient market for mineral rights, and you can get a good deal if you're patient.  The firms (like Caddo) who are willing to purchase your minerals have well diversified portfolios of mineral investments, so they are willing to pay you a fair price for your ownership.

Selling or not selling your mineral rights really comes down to need.  If you need the money for immediate use (pay off high interest credit card - pay for college - take a much needed vacation - retire), then selling your mineral rights should be a no-brainer.

If you do not have imminent needs, then it comes down to investment diversification and expectations.  If you have plenty of cash in the bank, and your minerals are an after-thought, then you probably don't need to sell.  If, however, you are counting on your minerals as some form of future income, then you should really consider selling all or part of your mineral rights.

When to Sell Mineral Rights or Oil & Gas Royalties

  1. You have a high interest loan (credit card, auto, etc...)
  2. Need to pay for your children's college.
  3. You are relying on your Mineral Rights to produce income for you.  If you're in this situation, you should really consider selling because Mineral Rights are not a secure form of income.
  4. You need a vacation.
  5. Your investment portfolio is Mineral Rights heavy.  Meaning, your mineral rights or royalty interest make up a significant part of your net worth.  If this is the case, you should consider selling all or part of your mineral rights to diversify.
  6. You and your family need to clean up estate issues.
  7. You're tired of dealing with the tax implications of royalty income.


When to NOT Sell Mineral Rights or Oil & Gas Royalties

  1. You have all the cash you need. 
  2. Your health is great and secure with plenty of investments/cash to cover any potential future problems.
  3. Your investment portfolio is well diversified and mineral rights are a less than 15-20%.
  4. If your mineral rights and royalty interest never produce a dime of income, no problem at all.


Selling Mineral Rights - Talk to Caddo!

If you want to talk about selling your minerals, give Caddo a call or contact us via the form on the right.  We'll get back with you shortly!

Introduction to Mineral Rights Law

In most states, mineral rights can be severed in part of whole from the surface.  This means that you don't have to sell all of your minerals, and if you do sell the mineral rights below your homestead, you don't have to move out!

Consider this -

1. In some states, severing of minerals from the surface can cause a taxable event. Make sure and understand your state's laws before you proceed.  You can always ask us by submitting the contact form to the right or giving us a call.  We're happy to help!

2. Minerals can revert back to the landowner after a period of non-production.  Again, feel free to ask Caddo about this. 

3. Selling your mineral rights can give you the option to 1031 into a like kind exchange.  This means you could take the sale of your minerals and purchase a home or other piece of real estate without paying taxes.  Caddo can give you some more information on this, but this certainly does not represent any tax advice.  You should speak to an accountant for more information





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